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Orion Telecom Networks Inc. offers wide range of state-of-the-art multiplexer solutions. Orion's prestigious customers include some of the world telecom majors and other important and satisfied customers in over 90 countries. Orion presents its next generation SDH STM-1 / STM-4 Multiplexers with E1, E3, STM-1e (electrical), STM-1o (optical), 10/100 Mbps ethernet tributaries and GiGE interfaces.

Orion offers the following type of Multiplexers:

Products Description
VCL-MX-CPS, Automatic Protection  VCL-MX-CPS, 1+1 Automatic Channel Protection Switching Equipment may be used with VCL-MX Version 6, E1 PDH Voice and Data Multiplexer to protect up to 8, 64Kbps and n*64Kbps data channels, or 64 FXS / FXO / Hot-Line channels, or 16 E&M channels, or a mix of the above at customer site / termination point and provide an alternate communication route to each voice and data channel between customer premises equipment and VCL-MX Version 6 voice and data multiplexer chassis. Data Sheet (PDF)
VCL-TP, Teleprotection Equipment VCL-TP, Teleprotection Equipment which is an extremely reliable and flexible product that offers up to 8, 2-way independent command channels which can be operated selectively or simultaneously over a wide choice and a variety of transmission interfaces. Data Sheet (PDF)
VCL-MX, IP Multiplexer - Gigabit Ethernet, Voice and Data Multiplexer VCL-MX, IP Multiplexer, Gigabit Ethernet, Voice & Data Multiplexer may be used to provide legacy Voice, Data and C37.94 Teleprotection Channels over Gigabit Ethernet / IP / MPLS networks with Stratum level timing precision. The VCL-MX-IP uses IEEE-1588v2 PTP synchronization technology to provide time-of-day and frequency synchronization to a single central GPS source with 0.5 micro-second (500 nanosecond) accuracy. Data Sheet (PDF)
VCL-MX Version 6, 80 E1 Voice and Data Multiplexer VCL-MX Version 6 - E1 Multiplexer may be used for inter-connecting legacy networks, provisioning and managing bandwidth on a E1 channelized level as well as 64Kbps, DS-0 time-slot level and as a digital-access cross-connect equipment.Due to the changing traffic patterns, there is a need to support multiple services from the same equipment like integrated data transport, better network management etc. This necessitated evolution to next generation E1 Multiplexer. Redundant power supply options make it an ideal solution for network service providers seeking to integrate and provide legacy and the next generation services from a single platform. Data Sheet (PDF)
VCL-MX, E1 - 2Mbps Drop-Insert (Add-Drop) Voice & Data Multiplexer Orion's VCL-MX, 2Mbps E1 voice and data, drop-insert (add-drop) multiplexer provides full range of voice (POTS) and digital data services to subscribers located at different locations, requiring to interconnect and establish a voice and data network over an E1 link. The VCL-MX is available in 4 versions, each providing different features and voice / data interfaces. Available Interfaces FXO, FXS, E&M, RS232, iDSL, G.703 nX64 Interfaces: V.35, V.36, X.21, RS530, G.SHDSL, 10BaseT Ethernet / Router, Fractional E1. Data Sheet (PDF)
E3, 2/34 PDH Multiplexer VCL E3-2/34Mbps, PDH Multiplexer is a third order skip multiplexer / demultiplexer unit, based on PDH (Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy) technology. It multiplexes sixteen 2.048Mbps (hereafter referred to as 2Mbps) E1 tributaries into a single 34.368Mbps (hereafter referred to as 34Mbps) E3 tributary. The multiplexer / demultiplexer also does the reverse processing i.e. demultiplexing a received 34Mbps stream into sixteen 2Mbps E1 tributaries. Data Sheet (PDF)
E1 - 2Mbps Drop-Insert (Add-Drop) Voice & Data Multiplexer E1, 2Mbps 30 Channel Multiplexer / E1 Channel Bank provides a full range of Voice - FXO, FXS, E&M, Hotline and Digital Data interfaces - V.35, "n" x 64Kbps, G.703 and V.24. ITU-T (CCITT) compliant with an E1, 2Mbps interface. Deployment on copper pairs (E1 or HDSL Transport), optical fiber cables, digital microwave radio, or digital satellite links. Data Sheet (PDF)
VCL-CB Intelligent E1 Channel Bank Orion's intelligent E1 Channel Bank, VCL-CB offers Voice Activity Detection (VAD) to provide voice activated "answer supervision" and "disconnect supervision" to connect VoIP (Voice over IP), Voice over Frame Relay and Voice over ATM networks to analog PSTN (POTS) lines that do not provide any type of answer supervision / battery reversal functions. Ideal for long distance traffic termination on PSTN lines that "Support", or "Do Not Support" "Battery Reversal / Polarity Reversal" (Answer Supervision). Also provides complete line protection against difficult field conditions. Data Sheet (PDF)
16 E1 with Gigabit Ethernet (Wire Speed) Optical Multiplexer Orion's 16 E1 with Gigabit Ethernet (Wire Speed) Optical Multiplexer is a unique Gigabit multi-service optical fiber transport solution which transmits both Gigabit Ethernet (Gigabit Wire Speed) data along with upto 16 E1 (TDM) channels over an optical fiber link. 1+1 optical fiber redundancy is also available for minimizing the possibility of transmission loss due to an optical link failure. The Gigabit (Wire-Speed) Ethernet traffic along with 16 E1's are multiplexed into 1.25 Gbps optical link to provide a compact, high performance, high throughput and cost effective broadband network access solution. Data Sheet (PDF)