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Orion Telecom Offeres telecom transmission equipment and solutions with installations in over 100 countries, worldwide.

Orion's technological strengths span a wide section of the telecom transmission area including latest solutions for TDM over IP / TDM over Ethernet in Cellular / Mobile Backhaul (Integrating 2G/3G/LTE Networks), TDM over IP Synchronous Ethernet using IEEE-1588v2 (Precision Clock Synchronization), Solutions offered include E1/T1 over Ethernet with IEEE-1588v2 protocol providing <4ms latency on the E1 / T1 channles. 10 Port Sub-Station Hardened Switch with 61850-3 compliance and GPS Grand Master Primary Reference Clock (PRC) Synchronization Receiver with IEEE-1588v2 protocol.

VCL-GPS, Grandmaster Primary Reference Clock solutions supports IEEE-1588 PTP Version 2 and delivers nanosecond time and frequency synchronization for customer network environment. VCL-GPS Grandmaster Clocks not only provides a highly accurate source of synchronization for PTP networks and also provide TOD (Time-of-Day) and Frequency Synchronization. Supported options include IRIG-B, 1PPS, NMEA, 1/5/10MHz, 2.048MHz, 2.048Mbits clock outputs. OCXO and Rubidium Holdover Clock options are available.

VCL-1588, PTP IEEE-1588v2 Slave Clock devices simplify the migration towards PTP IEEE 1588v2 by providing a wide range of legacy time synchronization outputs. The PTP IEEE-1588v2 Slave Clocks are synchronized to a PTP Grandmaster and can be used as a timing synchronization source for equipment that requires IRIG, PPS, 1/5/10MHz or E1 telecom carrier signals.

VCL-MX-XW, Industrial Grade Ethernet Switch IEC 61850-3 (Sub-Station Hardened), is a flexible 10 Port Sub-Station Hardened Switch that is packaged in a 1U high, 19-inch rack-mountable chassis with support for 8 x 10BaseT / 100BaseT / 100BaseFX full-duplex User Ethernet ports and 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports 1000BaseSX/LX Optical or 10/100/1000BaseT Electrical ports. Both Uplink / Network Ports are user configurable to either 1000Base Optical or 10/100/1000BaseT Electrical.

Whom we Serve

Our prestigious customers include many Fortune 500 companies.

Also includes Various Government agencies, Large Power and Utility companies, Healthcare establishments such as hospitals and clinics, Oil and Gas corporations, Airports, Internet service providers, Network operators, etc.

Our Distribution channels:

Orion offers a distribution and reseller network in over 30 countries  covering most regions around the world. Please email us at  for your nearest contact for your requirement

Orion follows strict Quality Assurance Program that is based on the ISO 9000 philosophy and principles.