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Application Diagrams

Application Diagrams Application Diagrams in PDF

Orion Telecom Networks Inc., provides the latest network access solutions in the field of telecommunication for voice telephony, data and Voice over IP (VoIP) networks.

Our telecom solutions include voice compression equipment for long distance communication, cellular and ISP networks, pre-paid calling card operators and corporate customers. The equipment supports various signaling platforms including CAS R2, Primary Rate (Euro) ISDN, C7, SS7 signaling platforms and providing better voice quality than G.729, G.726 and GSM technology.

Orion's equipment range includes from E1/T1 Channel Banks, multiplexers, voice compression equipment, optical transmission solutions, digital cross connects, ISP solutions, TCP IP Remote Access for monitoring alarms and remote management solutions. Applications include long distance traffic termination solutions, Cellular network applications, ISP, corporate and data network applications.

Orion highlights its TCP-IP Remote Access solutions for monitoring alarms and remote management.

Our prestigious customers include Cisco Systems Inc., Lucent Technologies, Raytheon Systems, Sprint, Ericsson, the Canadian Government and many other satisfied customers, around the world.

Orion provides solutions in optical transmission equipment, digital access cross connects, E1/T1 Channel Banks, Multiplexers, WAN Access equipment, E1/T1 Drop Insert Multiplexers, E2 (4E1) Opti Multiplexer, E3 34Mbps multiplexers, E3 34Mbps OLTE/ OLTU, PRI (Primary Rate) ISDN/Euro ISDN multiplexer and Bandwidth Manager equipment.

Orion follows strict Quality Assurance Program that is based on the ISO 9000 philosophy and principles. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA we deliver to the world.

Application Diagrams

Application Diagrams in PDF


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GSM Gateway / GSM Channel Banks

Echo Cancellers and Voice Quality Enhancement

Groomers (Hi-Z Non-Instrusive Monitoring)

STM SDH Multiplexer
Optical Transmission
E1, T1, E3, DS3, Ethernet Converters
APS (1+1) Automatic
Protection Switch
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