About Us

Orion Telecom Offers Power Utility Solutions Oil & Gas Networks Solutions Railway & Metro Rail Solutions PTP IEEE-1588v2 GPS Primary Reference Clock Packet Optical Transport Multiplexers Teleprotection SCADA, FOTE, OLTE Digital Cross Connects Echo Cancellers IP/Ethernet over TDM 1+1 APS (Fail-Over) Solutions Monitoring Groomer Solutions

Orion Telecom Networks Inc., an Arizona, USA corporation, provides the latest network access solutions in the field of telecommunication for voice telephony, data and Voice over IP (VoIP) networks. Every day, we assist our customers in building the best and most cost effective networks in the Power, Telecom, Aviation, SCADA and various other sectors around the world.

Incorporated in 1999, our team of skilled professionals have for over 15 years established Orion as a reliable supplier of telecom equipment to a vast spectrum of customers around the globe. As a result, the company has continued to grow its goodwill and commitment and our products are now installed in over 120 countries. As the world expands its telecom network with a demand for greater speed and efficiency, yet a need for lower costs, the customers look to Orion to help them achieve these goals.

Orion Telecom Networks Inc., offers communication solutions for PTP IEEE-1588v2 Synchronization, Packet Optical Transport Equipment, TDM over Packet/MPLS/IP, solutions for Power Utilities, Oil & Gas Networks, Railway and Metro Rail networks, SCADA, Teleprotection Equipment, Digital Access Cross Connects, Echo Cancellers and Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE) equipment, SDH Multiplexers including STM-1 / STM-4 / STM-16 / STM-64, IP/Ethernet over TDM (E1, T1, E3, DS3 Ethernet) Converters, E1 PDH voice and data multiplexers, Optical Multiplexers, Channel Banks, FOTE, OLTE (optical transmission equipment), T1 and E1 Automatic Protection (Fail-Over) Switching, Hi-Z Non-Intrusive Monitoring (Hi-Impedance) Groomer solutions for applications in billing, SS7 signalling monitoring, line tapping and fraud management on E1 and T1 circuits for telcos and cellular / mobile service providers.

In addition to the equipment offered above, we also provide complete turnkey solutions covering installation, commissioning and maintenance services on all our products with the help of our highly qualified engineering staff.

Whom we Serve

Our prestigious customers include many Fortune 500 companies.

Also includes Various Government agencies, Large Power and Utility companies, Healthcare establishments such as hospitals and clinics, Oil and Gas corporations, Airports, Internet service providers, Global Network operators, etc.

Our Distribution channels:

Orion offers a distribution and reseller network in over 30 countries covering most regions around the world. Please email us at sales@oriontelecom.com  for your nearest contact for your requirement.