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Ethernet over E1 Converter

Product Overview

Orion Telecom Networks Inc. offers VCL-ETH-E1 Interface Converter (Desktop Version) provides the user with Ethernet over E1 conversion enabling the user to transport Ethernet data over an E1 link.

The equipment can be installed and used in pairs, with one terminal being installed at either end of the network. This equipment can also be used with VCL-ETH-8-ML and VCL-ETH-16-ML to meet various application requirements.

The VCL-ETH-E1 Interface Converter is an Ethernet extension device utilizing TDM telecom infrastructure (the telecom network of E1s, or of PDH, SDH and E1/E3/SDH microwave etc. carrying E1s). It converts the Ethernet data into E1 frame format for transmission over the existing TDM (E1) links and then re-converts the E1 back into Ethernet data the far-end terminal, to BRIDGE two Ethernet LANs over the existing E1-based telecom network. The device can effectively utilize the redundant bandwidth of telecom operators' existing TDM network to transport Ethernet data with low investment.

Data Sheet - Ethernet over E1 Converter (PDF)

Technical features

  • 1U high compact size
  • The maximum transmission rate of Ethernet data over E1 links is 2.048Mbit/s
  • E1 supports three working modes unframed, framed (CCS/PCM 31) and multiple framed (CAS/PCM30)
  • Allows transparent transmission of super-long frames upto 2024 bytes
  • Automatic discards under size (less than 64 bytes) and oversize (more than 2024 bytes) framed
  • Ethernet interface complies to IEEE 802.3
  • Automatic Ethernet negotiation function. Supports 10M/100M and working modes of both full-duplex and half-duplex
  • Automatic straight and cross-over cable support (Auto-MDI/X)
  • Available with MAC address list filtration, learning, and updating functions
  • PAUSE flow control ability in full duplex mode
  • Equipment supports two working modes of internal clock and network Loop-timed clock
  • With multiple loopback functions and built-in bit error testing function, it facilitates the trouble shooting
  • Compatible to deluxe models (VCL-ETH-4/8/16 and VCL-ETH-8/16-ML) and can be installed with them to reduce the installation cost
  • Easy to operate
  • Power supply options:
  • 110V AC - 240V AC (50/60 Hz) power options available
  • -48V DC power option available
  • Power consumption less than 4 Watts.


The equipment may be used for the following purposes:

Bridging Ethernet LANs over existing TDM (E1) telecom network.

Extending Ethernet networks utilizing TDM (E1) landline based telecom infrastructure.

Using telecom network of E1s/PDH/SDH microwave etc. carrying E1s to transport Ethernet data.

Alarms and Indicator Monitoring

  • Power Indicator
  • Remote Alarm Indicator
  • Loss of Frame Indicator
  • E1 LOS Alarm Indicator
  • AIS Alarm Indicator
  • Code Violation Alarm Indicator
  • Ethernet Link Indicator
  • Ethernet Mode (FDX) Indicator
  • Loopback Indicator
  • Error in Test Indicator

Typical Applications

Point to point Application


Point to Multi-Point Application


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