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VCL-SafeCommTM, 16 E1 Links (48 E1 Ports)      (1+1 Automatic Protection Switch)

Product Description

Orion Telecom Networks Inc. offers  the VCL-SafeComm, 16 E1 Links (48 E1 Ports), 1+1 Automatic Protection Switching Equipment may be used to protect upto 16 E1 Links (48 E1 Ports), point-to-point links and provide an alternate communication route to each E1 Link between any two E1 points. In the event of the failure of the primary (Main) E1 communication route, the VCL-SafeComm, 16 E1 Links (1+1 Automatic Protection Switching Equipment) automatically switches the E1 traffic to a secondary (standby) E1 route.

The VCL-SafeComm, 16 E1, 1+1 Automatic Protection Switching equipment is available in a 2U high chassis, which may be mounted in any DIN standard,19-Inch rack.

This product allows the user to design 1+1 (protected) redundant E1 routes on similar (fiber-fiber), or complementing (fiber-radio) transmission mediums. 

The criterion for switching between the primary (main) and the secondary (protected / standby) routes is user programmable. Criterion for switching between the primary (main) and the secondary (protected / standby) routes may be Loss-Of-Signal on E1 links, or AIS (All-Ones AIS alarm) condition. The criterion for switching time and recovery time between the primary (main) and the secondary (protected / standby) routes is user programmable.

Data transported on the E1 Links is transparent and protocol independent.


Providing 1+1 alternate paths between any two Transmission mediums (active+standby). e.g:

  • Fiber/Fiber
  • Radio/Fiber
  • Radio/HDSL
  • Fiber/HDSL etc.

Applications Diagram



Features & Highlights: 

  • High density protection switching equipment (upto 16 E1 Links;  i.e. 48 E1 Ports)

  • To provide an independent point-to-point, protected E1 Llink between two “E1 USER PORTS” on similar (example fiber-fiber), or dissimilar (fiber-radio) mediums

  • To provide 1+1 E1 redundancy

  • Remote system configuration and management interface through "CLI" text based commands using Telnet and GUI (Graphical User Interface)

  • Provide 1+1 Protection Routing / Path between BSC and BTS

  • These ensure that mission critical voice, data, control and management traffic are  properly supported and maintained even during E1 backhaul facility outages. When the primary (working) link fails, the E1 traffic is automatically switched to the standby (secondary) link to ensure maximum uptime

  • Through the comprehensive remote configuration and alarm management capabilities of the VCL-SafeComm, 16 E1, 1+1 Automatic Protection Switching Equipment the product may be used to improve network reliability and control

  • Traffic Protection

  • Alternate Facility Advantages

  • Service Differentiation Agreements

  • Increased Network Reliability Resilience

  • Media and Path Diversity

  • Remote Management

  • Alarm logging and monitoring.

Security and Password Features

System Access, Control and Management Options: 

·         Telnet

·        CLI Control Interface (HyperTerminal or VT100)

·         SNMP V2 Traps (MIB File provided)

·         Windows based GUI (Graphical User Interface) for easy configuration, management and access. Ability to monitor multiple units from a single NMS.

 OAM: Operation and Management Ports 

·         RS232 Serial Port

·         USB COM Port

·         10/100BaseT Ethernet for remote access. 

Management and Monitoring 

·         RS232 serial, USB serial interfaces for local terminal access.

·         10/100BaseT Ethernet Interface for remote access over an IP network.

·         Telnet – Remote access over IP links.

·         SNMP Traps and NMS for real time remote monitoring and management over an IP network.

·         Automatic Link Test feature link testing at user programmable periodical intervals.

·         Visual I/O status LED Display.

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VCL-SafeComm, 16 E1 Links  (48 E1 Ports) -Product Brochure (PDF 775KB)

VCL-SafeComm, 16 E1 Links  (48 E1 Ports) Presentation  PPS (124 KB)
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