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16 E1 with Gigabit Ethernet (Wire Speed) Optical Multiplexer

Product Overview

Orion Telecom Networks Inc. offers 16 E1 with Gigabit Ethernet (Wire Speed) Optical Multiplexer is a unique Gigabit multi-service optical fiber transport solution which transmits both Gigabit Ethernet (Gigabit Wire Speed) data along with upto 16 E1 (TDM) channels over an optical fiber link.

1+1 optical fiber redundancy is also available for minimizing the possibility of transmission loss due to an optical link failure.

The Gigabit (Wire-Speed) Ethernet traffic along with 16 E1's are multiplexed into 1.25 Gbps optical link to provide a compact, high performance, high throughput and cost effective broadband network access solution


  • 1U height (44mm), 19-Inch standard rack-mountable chassis
  • Wire-Speed Gigabit Ethernet traffic with 16 E1 data are transported simultaneously
  • 1 Gbps data throughput for aggregate Ethernet traffic
  • Available with Single 110V-220V AC and / or -48V DC power supply
  • Supports 110V-220V AC and -48V DC redundant power supply
  • Support jumbo frame size (9000 bytes) transmission
  • Supports 1+1 optical link protection
  • MSA compliant SFP (Small Form-Factor) based design for improved and easy serviceability.
  • SFP based design provides the flexibility to the customer to change service distance and support different types of optical fiber
  • Supports Automatic Laser Shutdown (ALS) option for added safety
  • Performance analysis of optical ports Optical Transmission Failure, Loss of Optical Link, Loss of Frame and Errors (E-3 / E-6)
  • Performance analysis of E1 ports Loss of Signal and Code Violation
  • Performance Analysis of GigE port - All Received Packets, All Received Bytes, Received Broadcasts, All Transmitted Packets, All Transmitted Bytes, Transmitted Broadcasts, Received Error Packets
  • Provides Engineering Order Wire (EOW)
  • Remote access and management. Supports SNMP V2 monitoring and traps
  • Supports Telnet (CLI text commands) for easy configuration
  • GUI for easy configuration
  • Network Management System for monitoring multiple units from a single, central location
  • Remote Power Down detection (RPD) alarm. Allows the local end to detect if the remote unit is unavailable due to optical link failure or due to power down
  • Remote software upgradable
  • AC and DC power redundancy (-48V DC, 110-230V AC options available)
  • EMI/EMC compliance
  • Complies to electrostatic discharge immunity (ESD) IEC 61000-4-2 level 2
  • RoHS compliant.


  • Gigabit (Wire Speed) data transmission
  • Gigabit multi-service fiber optic transport solution - Transmits both E1s and Gigabit Ethernet data over an optical fiber link / or over 1+1 redundant optical fiber links for added protection against link failures
  • Compact, high performance, high throughput and cost effective broadband network access solution
  • SFP based design for customer convenience, flexibility to change services distance and serviceability
  • Optical distance support for 15Kms, 40Kms, 80Kms, 120Kms, 150Kms and 260Kms
  • Supports remote power down detect function
  • Complies to IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.ab, IEEE 802.3x recommendations
  • Supports auto-negotiation function, and can work in 10M full/half duplex, 100M full/half duplex, 1000M full duplex mode (1000M half duplex is not supported)
  • Ethernet Transmission media is Category 6 UTP, RJ-45 connector (electrical) for Gigabit Ethernet channel with upto 1000Mb/s data rates
  • Ethernet Transmission media is optical fiber pair, LC connector, (optical) for Gigabit Ethernet fiber channel with up to 1000Mb/s bandwidth
  • Engineering Order Wire (EOW)
  • Supports Command Line Interface (CLI) for configuration and management
  • Supports TELNET for remote configuration and management
  • Supports SNMP V2
  • Network Management (NMS)
  • Supports multiple type of alarm notifications
  • Supports E1 and optical loop back configuration, etc.
  • Low power consumption (Less than 11W)
  • Provides E1's with 120 Ohms (RJ-45) or E1's with 75 Ohms (BNC) connections
  • E1 G.703, G.703 channels support all protocols sent over it, like SS7 signalling, PRI for PABX interconnection
  • Support for Base Station backbone development for CDMA, GSM, 3G and other applications where E1 G.703 channels and Gigabit Ethernet data are required to send over the same fiber link
  • Powered by grade Class I Laser.

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