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4 x Ethernet over T1 (IP over TDM)


Product Overview

Orion Telecom Networks Inc. offers its 4 x Ethernet over T1 (IP over TDM) package in a 1U High, 19-inch rack-mountable chassis. It provides four 10/100BaseT (4 RJ-45) data interfaces on the user side which may be used to transport Ethernet traffic over a T1 link. The converter provides a simple and cost effective method to convert and transport Ethernet data over a T1 link.

Ethernet over T1 is an Ethernet extension device utilizing TDM telecom infrastructure (of T1, DS3, SDH or microwave links carrying T1s ). It converts the Ethernet data into T1 frame format for transmission over the existing TDM (T1) links and then re-converts the T1 back into Ethernet data the far-end terminal, to BRIDGE two Ethernet LANs over the existing T1-based telecom network. The device can effectively utilize the existing TDM network to transport Ethernet data with low investment.

The equipment must be always installed and used in pairs, with one terminal being installed at either end of the T1 link.

Features and Highlights

  • Supports fractional T1, T1 time-slots can be selected in increments of 64 Kbps

  • Bandwidth can be selected upto 1544 Kbps in steps of N*64 Kbps

  • Minimum transmission rate of Ethernet data over T1 is 64 Kbps

  • Maximum transmission rate of Ethernet data over T1 is 1.544 Mbps

  • 4x10/100BaseT Ethernet interface in accordance with IEEE802.3

  • AMI and B8ZS line code (user selectable) options available

  • SF and ESF framing (user selectable) options available

  • Robbed Bit Signaling option available

  • Ethernet frame size 1916 bytes (max)

  • Supports Jumbo Frames

  • Accommodates up to 8192 frames with a maximum frame size of 1916 bytes

  • Prevents any data overflows, or loss of packets in the event of a data burst

  • Supports X.86, LAPS and HDLC transmission protocols

  • Committed information rate controller

  • Available with MAC address list filtration, learning, and updating functions

  • A large external SDRAM buffering for handling data bursts

  • Equipment supports two clock synchronization modes, Internal clock and Network clock (Loop-Timed clock)

  • Local and Remote access and monitoring with either serial RS232, USB or 10/100BaseT

  • Supports SNMP V2

  • Power Supply: - 48V DC or 110V AC power supply options available

  • Supports 1+1 redundant power supply inputs.

Management and Control

  • Serial Management Port - RS232 Interface

  • 10/100BaseT for Remote Management over a LAN

  • 10/100BaseT telnet over a TCP/IP Network

  • SNMP V2

Indications and Alarm Monitoring

  • T1 Loss of signal

  • Presence of incoming signal at 10/100BaseT Ethernet

  • Loss of Ethernet packets, errored Ethernet packets, over-sized Ethernet packets and under-sized Ethernet packets log

  • Configuration error alarm

  • Clock status

  • - 48V DC or 110V AC present

  • 3.3V DC present.

Status Monitoring

  • Status of alarms on T1 Interface

  • Status of the Ethernet Interfaces

  • Monitoring data through put speed of the Ethernet Interfaces.

Programmable Features

  • Telnet interface for remote programming and monitoring by using CLI text commands.


  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet to T1 Conversion (100BaseT over a T1 Interface).

Applications Diagrams

Remote LAN Connections over Optical  Sonet / SDH Network


Remote LAN Connections over Wireless Network

Ordering Information



Part #

Product Description

1. VCL-1482_1458-4ETH-T1-DC

 4 x Ethernet over T1 with dual -48V DC Input includes:

  •  19 inch shelf 1U high rack mount Version

  • Dual DC Power Input

  • 2 Power Connectors (2 Pin)

  • 1 Ethernet Crossover Cable

  • 1 USB Cable

2. VCL-1482_1458-4ETH-T1-AC

 4 x Ethernet over T1 with 1xAC Power Input includes:

  • 19 inch shelf 1U high rack mount Version

  • 1 Universal AC Power Adapter with Power Cord

  • 1 Ethernet Crossover Cable

  • 1 USB Cable

3. VCL-1482_1458-4ETH-T1-2AC

 4 x Ethernet over T1 with 2xAC Power Input includes:

  • 19 inch shelf 1U high rack mount Version

  • 2 Universal AC Power Adapters with 2 Power Cords

  • 1 Ethernet Crossover Cable

  • 1 USB Cable

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