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4 E1 Optical Multiplexer plus
Ethernet with SNMP


Product Overview

Orion Telecom Networks Inc. offers 4 E1 + Ethernet - Optical Multiplexer is a high performance optical line transmission equipment, combines 4, ITU-T G.703 compliant standard electrical E1s plus 100BaseT ethernet signal into an optical data stream for transport over fiber optic pairs. Several transmitter options for different cable types and wave-lengths are available. 1+1 optical path redundancy is offered and available as an option.

The option of 1+1 Optical Redundancy (Protection Switching), the transmission automatically switches to a 'standby' optical link in the event of a failure of the 'primary' optical link.

Application Diagram


  • Compact design (1U   - 44mm high) that performs E1 and Ethernet channel multiplexing & de-multiplexing to an optical output
  • Provides visible and audible alarm indication
  • Orderwire (EOW) channel for end to end installation and maintenance
  • Local and remote loop back test for diagnostics
  • 1+1 Fiber Path protection
  • Clock options: internal/loop-timed
  • Provides visible and audible alarm indications
  • Local & remote loopback controls for diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Local configuration management through RS232 Serial Port
  • Low power consumption


  • Integrated E1 plus Ethernet - optical multiplexer
  • 10/100M Ethernet port - 100Mbps Ethernet data transmission rate
  • Powered by grade Class I Laser
  • 4E1 interfaces
  • Power Input options: -48V DC input, AC, AC+DC
  • E1 120 Ohms / 75 Ohms - options available
  • SNMP
  • Remote configuration and management through 10/100BaseT Ethernet Port - Telnet
  • Extensive alarms and status indication facility
  • Easy operation
  • Standard ITU-T compliant interfaces
  • Auto Laser Shut Off facility

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