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E3, OLTE (Optical Line Transmission Equipment)

Product Description
Orion Telecom Networks Inc. offers the E3-OLTE is a 34Mbps Optical Line Transmission Equipment which converts and transports a ITU-T G.703 compliant standard electrical E3, 34Mbps signal into a G.823 and G.821 compliant optical signal for transport over 1310nm optical

fiber cable. The optical link, between two OLTE terminals is established on one pair of optical fiber. One fiber link is used for transmit and the other fiber link is used for receive.

A complete optical line transmission system comprises of two OLTE terminals one at each end of the optical fiber cable. The E3, 34Mbps OLTE also offers 1+1 optical protection (optical redundancy).

Both the Local and the Remote terminals can be monitored and controlled by a Windows based GUI (Graphical User Interface), from a single location. TCP-IP option for remote access is also available.

The E3-OLTE is available in two configurations:
  1. With the option of 1+1 Optical Redundancy (Protection  Switching), in which the transmission automatically switches to a STANDBY optical link in the event of a failure of the PRIMARY optical link

  2. Without the option of Optical Redundancy (Protection Switching)

Mechanical Specification

Width 480 mm
Depth 280 mm
Height 90 mm
Weight 4.20 Kg

Features Highlights
  • Single - card implementation
  • 1+1 Optical Redundancy (Protection Switching) option
  • Standard CCITT (ITU-T) compliant interfaces
  • Auto Laser Shut Off facility
  • Remote and local terminal monitoring and control through back panel by a Network Management System
  • Optional TCP/IP Remote Access for monitoring alarms and management
  • Extensive alarms and status indication facility
  • Operates on nominal -48V DC input
  • Distributed on-board power supply
  • Microprocessor controlled with powerful diagnostic facilities for both remote and local systems
  • Powered by STM-1 grade Class I Laser - by Lucent Technologies
  • Stored program controlled
  • Highly reliable and compact

External Interfaces

VCL-OLTE unit provides the following interfaces to the external world:

  • 1, 34Mbps, 75 W unbalanced electrical interface
  • 2, 34Mbps, optical interface(s) - only one link is active at a time (optional)
  • -48V input for VCL-OLTE on-board power supply
  • RS-232 interface for connection to Network Management System, used for configuration and monitoring of VCL-OLTE system
  • 2 alarm extensions for visual and audible alarms

Front View of the E3, 34Mbps Shelf

The front panel LEDs provide the following indications

The LEDs provide the following indications:

LED 1:  -48V
LED 2:  +5V DC
LED 3:  34Mbps Link 1 Optical Transmitter
LED 4:  34Mbps Link 1 Optical Receiver

LED 5:  34Mbps Link 2 Optical Transmitter
LED 6:  34Mbps Link 2 Optical Receiver
LED 7:  34Mbps electrical interface (Error)

L1 is for switching on / off optical transmitter - Link 1
L2 is for switching on / off optical transmitter - Link 2
TX1 Transmit port - Optical link1
TX2 Transmit port - Optical link2
RX1 Receive port - Optical link 1
RX2 Receive port - Optical link 2
NU Not Used

Programming and Monitoring

VCL-OLTE offers programming via an RS-232 port for control and monitoring of the terminals. Both local and remote terminals can be monitored and controlled using a PC loaded with the NMS software connected to the local terminal.

Programming Features
  • Programming of 1+1 protection switching
  • Auto Laser Shut off enable / disable
  • Setting local or remote loopbacks on 34Mbps electrical stream
  • Configuring of alarms
  • Alarm acknowledgement option
Status Monitoring
  • Status of alarms.
  • Presence or absence of loop-back on 34 Mbps electrical stream
  • Enabled / disabled state of auto laser shutoff facility
  • Viewing the currently active receiver and reason for switch over to that receiver
  • Previous configuration files

Alarm Status Monitoring

  • Loss of electrical signal at 34 Mbps port
  • Auto Laser shut off disabled alarm
  • Prompt maintenance alarm
  • Status of audible alarm
  • Loss of optical signal
  • Loss of auxiliary frame signal
  • Laser loss alarm
  • Laser power alarm
  • Laser switched off
  • Bit error rate out of limit

In addition to the above monitoring facilities, VCL-OLTE is provided with LEDs, which indicate various fault conditions.

Monitoring VCL-OLTE via LED Indications

  • Optical transmitter inactive
  • Loss of incoming signal at 34Mbps electrical port
  • Loss of incoming signal at 34 Mbps optical port
  • +5V failure
  • -48V input failure

Alarm Status Monitoring

  • Loss of incoming signal at all 2Mbps ports
  • Loss of incoming signal at 34Mbps port
  • Loss of frame alignment at 34Mbps
  • Remote Alarm at 34Mbps
  • AIS at 34Mbps
  • Excessive Error Rate at 34Mbps
  • Status of audible alarm

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E3, 34Mbps Optical Line Transmission Equipment - Product Brochure (PDF)
Technical Specifications

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